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MYCS Sofa category revamp

In 2022, MYCS introduced a new model of sofa "Flayr". To create a cohesive visual experience between all models of the sofa, I led the creation of new assets for all sofas across multiple touch points.  

About the project and pre-production

The project starts with introducing the sofa and the crucial differences between all 3 models (classic, modern, and new - a mix between the two). For the customers, it is important to know what choices can be made and what value we offer. The strategy was focused on the bottom of the funnel related to purchasing decision-making. The user journey consists of 5 types of pages: Sofa category, sofa flayr, sofa pyllow, sofa tymeproduct gridproduct description page, and configurator page. For every page, there was strategically produced content reused for efficiency.

Our strategic assets needed to be clean and easy to understand, focusing on the 4 areas:
Product only, features, interactions, and interior visualization. 

Types of content to be created: 
Photoshoot - product and white background for the cleanest understanding of product design
Video -  Shot alongside photoshoots. Essential to get spacial awareness of product dimensions and their features, for example sleeping function.
Renderings - inspiration of product in different materials and configuration inside of interior.
Copywriting - In the correct tone and voice to match the type of content.

Besides Visual treatment for the shoot, I prepared a feedback loop process for the creative team. All photos and videos had a specific shot list that explained the type of content, purpose, and example with strictly defined angles.

User Journey, Asset delivery scope and production workflow.

SOFA ROLLOUT - content plan.jpg

Photoshoot result examples.

Lifestyle shots


Videos were created to give a more immersive experience of how comfortable and modular the sofa is. Different types of content were created: concept videos featuring modularity, product 360 with interactions, and product features that show things that photos couldn't.

Example of storyboard for video editor.

MAIN concept video .jpg

Finished "Modularity" concept videos for "Mixed models" and "separate models" for the sofa main category page and model category pages

Examples of "Features" and "Design" Videos for product description page