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MYCS Leather sofa

Content creation for new leather sofa materials. New target group and new approach to product promotion.

Campaign Goal

The campaign goal was to inform current and future customers of MYCS about the extended materials range that they can choose from. The three new categories of leather open MYCS to a new market.
We decided to create a content and marketing funnel that would help us target potential customers better.

The content was divided into three sections (inspirational, educational, mixed) presenting three different types of leather in two different sofa designs by one actor in three lifestyle scenarios.

The campaign was distributed across multiple touch points (display ads, landing page, standalone social media organic material).

Mixed videos

Mixed video edits combine all areas necessary to visualize the complete product offering: comfort, quality, customization, and lifestyle. 

Interactions only

Inspirational content is focusing on lifestyle and product comfort. The goal here is not to address target customer lifestyle needs. The aim of these videos is to help educate visitor that they can find a comfortable leather sofa that suits their lifestyle. From a serious businessman, upscale creative to a relaxed guy.

Educational Video

Part of the campaign was helping users visualize possibilities of customization through animated  video. Videos present more than a leather sofa, highlighting possibilities of changing shapes, materials, and finishes of product.

Render Work

A leather sofa is an expensive product. Because of that, I proposed to visualize leather sofas in upscale interiors. Two different models are presented in a loft-type environment, modern open plan home, and a distinctive apartment. They are supposed to be aspirational spaces inviting visitors to design their own one-of-a-kind sofa.

Landing Page

After driving traffic from social media and newsletters, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about the product on the leather sofa page. The structure of the website starts with the introduction of products in upscale interiors. After grabbing attention, the user is directed to educational modules focused on new leather material qualities. For visitors that don't know MYCS it is also important to learn about the product customization aspect. Once visitors understands the product they are given the opportunity to build their sofa or to go to pages where they can explore pre-made designs. 
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