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Tiger Racing was formed in 1989 and manufactures seven models of road and race cars. My task was to develop a logo, brand identity, website and photography for Tiger Cars. 


Tiger is a family company and offers a customizable replica of iconic cars as self-assembly kits or ready-to-drive replicas.
The goal was to design a logo that maintained a sharp look, ultimately inspired by the White Tiger.

Tiger Car is also involved in racing competitions. Because of this dynamic DNA of the company the logomark needed to be dynamic. I decided to create the tiger icon from wheel cuts revealing a tiger shape.

The logo can be customized to fit on different channels and media. A font was carefully selected in capital letters to enhance the higher-end positioning of the company. Extra details of Sans-serif font connect with the brand mark, especially with tiger teeth area. The logo can be displayed in various sizes while still maintaining its detailed design.

Product photography

The cars were photographed in the setting of rooftops and concrete walls. This allowed working with natural lighting that optimized the project budget. The main challenge of the photoshoot was to control reflections on the car so they don't distract the user from appreciating the car shape. Assets were created not only to serve as inspiration but also to sell cars. I decided to photograph the car from every angle to give a complete understanding how it looks like in real life.


The website was constructed to enhance the positioning of racing cars. It highlights the car quality by showing the materials the car is made from, 360 explorations and the paint color customization experience. Beyond that, it educates visitors regarding the company heritage.
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