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MYCS "Design on the fly"

MYCS furniture brand is launching its first TV spot. I was asked to conceptualize and art direct the production.

Campaign Goal

The Goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and conversions by attracting a new audience of early adopters that had never visited or heard about MYCS before in TV media. The goal of the ad was to help viewers understand what products we sell, what you can do with them, and how to take action. Additionally, the criteria for a successful ad was the ability to manipulate footage for further use and optimization. 

Additional Cuts

The ad focused on a couple of designable products. There are two hero products that I focused on - a shelf and a sofa. Both of the products were CG animated giving us the opportunity to build two separate spots that can be further tested. 

Concept development

Creating 10 and 20 second spots can be challenging especially when you need to translate the idea of individualization through them. Because of that, we needed to have a solid structure.

I decided to use the AIDA framework for this particular case.

Attention - Man flying through the air.
Interest - Using a phone to make the product magically appear.
Desire - Couple enjoying their new home furnishing.
Action - Call to action end card - displaying phone and animated furniture, selling points, value proposition, call to action button, and even discount when needed. 

After I had a rough idea I decided to create a test version of the spot in the company office. The result felt like it was going in to correct attention-grabbing direction. After testing, I further decided to create mood board sketches that would help external production companies to organize the shot lists.

On my side, i still had to figure out:
  • The configuration we will display (colorful or more Scandinavian neutral).
  • How to translate quality in the form of visuals.
  • How the furniture will animate (how many steps needed so viewers will realize there are many options).
  • What is the final scene that will it build desire?
  • Choosing a location
  • Casting the actors
  • Casting the voice over

Ads optimization

Part of the success criteria of producing the spot was the ability to further optomize and utlilze it. Therefor, I needed to plan how much extra material we needed. Once I collected all the information I played out all the variants that we will need to test and go through in order to find the winning tv spot. In the green frames, you can see the winning versions.
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