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MYCS offers a unique opportunity to configure your own modular, customizable furniture online. The main theme of the campaign is dedicated to the freedom of choice within three different setups. 
Shape your world.jpg

Campaign Goal

The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness and attract a new audience of early adopters who had never engaged with MYCS before.  MYCS stands for - inclusivity, diversity and freedom of choice. We came up with three different ads to help us strategically explore which of the target audiences would resonate and interact with the MYCS ads and products the most. Based on the best performing audience we can then scale the campaign budget in the most optimal way. In order to attract the largest audience, we decided on a mobile-first experience. 

Campaign Concept

We tell a story of three different characters whose individual choices are represented through the furniture around them. The first story is about two men who choose love and being together. The second is about a self-empowered woman. The third tells the story of a multicultural couple that comes to an understanding. The campaign inception started through ad print, then TV ad and finally was transformed into a social media campaign. In the early stages of the concept we explored the idea from different angles, looking for relevancy and what grabs attention. Here are a couple of ideas.

User Journey.

The user journey starts with social media channels through video ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Advertising is linked with two different landing page experiments. Visitors can explore the story of their choice or interact with the MYCS online furniture configurator. Both user journeys lead to an email address capture.

1st User Journey Mockups

The first user journey drives the user from ads to the overall campaign landing page. The "Hub page" helps visitors to get familiar with our manifesto and the MYCS brand. Further, users have the option to engage with one of three stories and watch extended video material (including unscripted interviews about subjects like freedom, read about products and explore the furniture from the ad.) After getting involved with specific characters and seeing how they shape their world, we invite viewers to be part of that experience by configuring their own product (lead capture).

2nd User Journey Mockups

In order to decrease bounce rates and help potential leads to find what they like, we introduce a completely alternative experience: the MYCS guide. It is 4 step product narrowing finder. All options in the MYCS guide are curated to give the customer the best understanding of what MYCS sells in a unified system of different styles and shapes.
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