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BRITISH AIRWAYS "comfort" web experience

British Airways offers transatlantic flight services. I was asked to design a concept that would focus on the comfort and ease of flying long distances with BA.


The new British Airways campaign was focused on passenger well-being, highlighting aircraft innovations and improving onboard comfort. The task was to use 3D modeling to create a passenger, seemingly floating in the air, enjoying the benefits of the new Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplanes.

My idea was to open the experience with animation of a woman sitting on invisible airplane chairs, transitioning to a more comfortable laying back position. Later on, we feature different cropped shots that support certain benefits of flying with BA.
For example low audio noise level inside the airplane cabin (headshot), and soft materials of the armrest (cu hand shot). We explore more benefits as the story progresses in relation to flight journey.

In addition to the floating experience, the concept depicts the change in the environment - from daytime to nighttime, featuring spectacular a sunrise and sunset. The time of day and city in the background can be loaded dynamically.
Preliminary animation inside 3d software
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