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Chanel J12 launched two black and white high-tech ceramic and titanium watches. The ambition for the Chanel J12  was to take the user on a journey to the stars and back.

Campaign Goal

The goal of the moon phase campaign was to increase awareness and drive interest through interactive on-site experiences and bespoke visual assets. 


Using the vastness of the universe as a backdrop for the cyclical phases of the moon, and ebb and flow of time, our ambition with this campaign was to take visitors on a journey to the stars and back and to choreograph this epic journey around a premium experience for describing the collection timepieces.
watch 1.jpeg

Landing Page

The ambition for the Chanel J12 Moonphase campaign was created to explore the watches in a way that was more than just a viewing gallery. The solution was to suspend the watch in space and allow the user to rotate it in 3 dimensional detail. The animated landing page travels from “Earth” to “Space” and was designed to work in HTML and on all mobile devices. The website navigation conveys seamless movement and a sensation of space and weightlessness. Alongside facilitating effortless exploration of the whole collection, the user can easily discover all aspects of each watch, and access instructions to set up their own 'Moonphase' function.
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