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HART Re-brand Launch

HART is a brand of women's jewellery that takes its inspiration from nature. A brand that is both luxurious and accessible, the branding is clean, feminine and classic, yet young and modern. With a new name that better represented the brand, HART was ready to present a new elegant, modern face to the world.
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The HART logo is inspired by the most resognisible pieces of HART jewellery itself. Inspired by a bespoke font which balances sharp and round shapes. A sense of mystery is played upon, referencing female nature, combining soft and illusive, with sharp and bold. 

Product photography

I was provided with photos and product packshots. After discussion with the client that she wanted to connect tribal and warm elements , in a professional and high end look, I decided to use the  following treatments:

Gold jewellery pieces on a simple warm background next to the model wearing peice from this same collection for more expressive customers.

Silver Jewellery pieces on a black background for a more every day.


HART Jewelry’s website is device compatible with a user-friendly E-commerce design. I decided to use one long scrolling page for the limited amount of products. Every collection has its key inspirational images, mini gallery, product description, and hovers on the interaction of mood images inside the product grid. Webdesign is clear and efficient helping users to understand what products are being sold, how they look like on the model and who made it.
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