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To showcase their new Haute Couture project ‘Interactive Atelier’, Hogan wanted to inspire the client with a video and campaign landing page representing the collection. 


Hogan wanted to create an online campaign landing page with a film representing the collection. The film captures the 10 shoe editions, in 10 exclusive environments. My goal was to emphasize the decorative ingredients that the shoe is made from with inspiration surrounding each model in its own unique style. I designed and composited backgrounds with particle systems for each shoe design. The recorder on the green screen footage was post-produced us one long continuous narrative through the light transition from dark to bright. This way we can explore different worlds as one visual feast. 


During further exploration, viewers have a chance to discover more information about shoes through an embedded video.

Next season video campaign

After the successful launch of the first limited edition of the Hogan shoes, we were asked to create a video for the next shoe season collection. This time I personally directed the dynamic video with an emphasis on more angles of the product and detail shots.
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