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The experiences are designed to work across desktop, tablet and mobile and even the ambitious and graphics-intensive ARK can be accessed and experienced fully from the palm of your hand.

Experience Overview

'THE ARK' experience, is the most interactive and elaborate element of the campaign. We wanted to create an opportunity to explore in great detail the other main character of the film, the ARK of Darren Aronofsky's NOAH.

This meant that we needed to work from the blueprints which the art department of the film had started to create.

The ARK design was based on the knowledge of various scriptures, not only the Bible.
The team also took into consideration what it would mean in real-world terms to build a structure of this size, to make it float… and how those living onboard would be able to survive, generate heat and have enough food. The NOAH campaign follows a 2-chapter narrative including teasers, interactive experiences as an enhanced main site.

Film Teaser  - Landing Page

The first part of the 3-phase project is a scrolling video experience, the site uses footage coupled with assets, to act as a teaser for the upcoming film. Our team choose, edited and color graded footage from the movie, as well as built dark and moody thunderstorm animations to enhance the experience. 

ARK Experience

The second part of the project builds a pathway through the structure and give an idea of what life on board might have been like, introduce main character's storylines and teasing viewers with quality CG animated footage. The goal of the experience was to encourage viewers to buy a ticket to the cinema. We created the ARK experience from edit source videos, created 3D animated stills and cinemagraphs, including compositing and color grading. The biggest challenge was to recreate a fully animated intro from low-quality photographs. 
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