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MYCS shelves material overhaul

MYCS is switching to a new laminate material. The additional benefit of this decision is the introduction of a new colour palette. I was asked to come up with a visual concept that will support the communication of the material switch to customers.


Campaign Goal

The new colour switch has a strategically different effect on the current and future customers of MYCS. On one hand, we don't want to discourage existing customers that are used to current product. On other hand, we want to encourage new customers to interact with new colour palette.
We decided to introduce both customers through social media and a newsletter give away campaign. The goal was to increase the engagement rate on social media, raising brand interest/interaction by using the configurator and saving their designs (bringing in more CRM opportunity.)
The campaign invites customers to configure their shelf with new colours and to give them a chance to win 1.500€ voucher for their designThose who do not win will be offered a 10% voucher.

Campaign Assets

Visual communication is based on a set of products starting from small shelves and ending on large shelves. I introduced the assets in the form of four videos representing different colour groups. In this way, we could present a diversified range and the customisation capabilities of the MYCS shelf system.

Art Direction Concept

The art direction concept is based on the new multi-colour palette. From new blues to terracottas we offer customers a fresh, modern way to express their personality. In order to highlight the idea of not only of customisation, but also modularity, I came up with designs that balance the colours, making furniture look modern and dynamic. Vivid colours of the shelves standing out. To let the furniture speak for themselves I decided to place them in a neutral environment.

Modules and Landing Page

The user journey starts with the social media channels through video ads and stories on Instagram and through newsletters. Video stories are linked to a newly created landing page. On the landing page visitors can explore the new colours on preconfigured furniture and read more about the colour switch. Beyond the giveaway campaign, a whole website was populated with new modules and images informing visitors about the updated colour palette.
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