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SOHO Art Consultancy

SOHO Myriad provides art consultancy services to prestigious hotels around the world. In their portfolio are hotels in NY Times Square and Hotel Vida in Dubai. I was asked to rebrand their identification system in order to reflect their expertise and 20+ years of experience as well as to maintain their position as industry leaders.


The rebranding had to reflect a modern minimalist approach, while still being classic and iconic. The logo is directly inspired by the name SOHO combining letters S, H, and O, to reveal a dynamic and iconographic symbol. Using a mathematical balance of squares and circles, it follows the golden rules of design in its conception. The logo is easily recognizable, modern, and dynamic in style.

Logo Alteration

In its appearance the logo was strong but also had a slightly over imposing finished character. After a couple of revisions, I decided to soften the edges of the logo from sharp to curved. This evolution worked better with an oval circle of the symbol. 

Product photography

For their 2012 Spring/Summer collection, Dolce & Gabbana wanted to enhance the brand’s DNA and reflect their ‘Dolce Vita and Italian cinema era inspired’, advertising campaign. We created a fully flash website using images shot in Southern Italy with a special focus on family. When landing on the website, it was important to immediately get the look and feel of the luxurious Sicilian lifestyle and environment. To evoke this, I contrasted the product gallery with images and animated backgrounds of nature and Italian architecture.

Social Media

The Identity had to work in different mediums and channels. For social media, it was important that the logo was visible in its smallest form like an avatar in social media.

Soho had an initiative '5 @ 5'. It was about inspiring with art to potential collectors. In this instance, I also proposed social media posts in which the layouts, logo identity and artworks can work together.

Font system

SOHO consulting prides itself on premium aesthetics. The goal was to create a font pairing that gives a timeless yet modern look.  A system of my design connects modern sans serif font with the serif font.

Homepage design

The process of designing a home page design started by laying out what is important for SOHO to communicate and what viewers are interested in. Soho customers often are business-to-business partners spending large sums of money on larger collections. Because of that, it was important that SOHO present itself as a successful and well-established business.  The first module starts with the brand statements and past work. Further, you can learn about the services and vision. To establish trust, vision modules encapsulate what problems SOHO solves, where it's going, awards won and who is part of the core team. 

Case study page design

Building a reputation on the market as an art consultancy leader requires time and effort. To speed up this process I decided to introduce a case study of the most successful projects. All those elements create a cohesive story a provide proof why SOHO art consultancy is trustworthy partner.
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